Outcomes Assessment
Outcomes assessment is an integral part of the educational process and organizational culture at University of Phoenix. Assessment occurs throughout each learner's program of study, with various measures being taken at the time of registration, throughout their programs, upon graduation and several years following gradua­tion.
The comprehensive nature of the assessment system and the longi­tudinal data that have been produced provide the University with significant and meaningful input that is used to review and improve every aspect of the institution. Data gathered from course evaluations and student learning outcomes are used in the curricu­lum development process, as well as in the creation of faculty development tools. Administrative support systems are also streamlined and made more user-friendly, building on the analysis of information gathered.
Institutional Quality Improvement
The purpose of the Institutional Quality Improvement System is to document that the institution is meeting its mission and purposes through continuous assessments based on a comprehensive array of quality control and assurance instruments. A major component of this plan is the assessment of student learning.
Academic Assessment Plan
The University's continuous search for the best ways to assure quality control led to the adoption of an Academic Assessment Plan (AAP), designed to demonstrate that our graduates meet pro­grammatic and University learning goals. The AAP is comprised of four ongoing an iterative steps. These include:
Prepare annual assessment result reports for academic programs, based on student learning outcomes.
Implement improvements based on assessment results.
The AAP provides the means for governing and monitoring the educational experience of our students, and gathering evidence of student learning. The University's Academic Assessment Plan includes an ongoing combination of cognitive measures, such as course embedded assignments and portfolios and affective mea­sures, that gather information from students, alumni, and employ­ers. The instruments and measures are designed to provide reliable evidence to the faculty and administration to support continuous improvement of academic programs.